Color Consultation

Color is the foundation of every great design plan and is the backdrop to all other elements in a room. It is central to the emotion one feels when entering a space. It can unify spaces and guide the eye ... and it’s complicated. In fact, over half of paint sales in this country are made because of people making a color selection mistake.

I’m a certified color expert who follows a six-step color read process that starts with your goals and preferences, assesses your color sensitivity, current furnishings and finishes, the homes architectural style, and then puts it all together. I bring in large color samples based on our phone interview that you get to keep, so you can SEE and live with the color choices on the wall before you invest in hiring a painter. I’ll also provide a checklist of further design ideas you can incorporate at your own pace in order to finish the look and color scheme we’ve chosen.

$250 | 2 hours

Additional time | $100 an hour


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